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"In Praise of Butterflies"

All lotus flowers are available in three different sizes.   The small ones have two layers of petals.  The medium flowers have two layers of petals and the large ones have three layers of petals.  The prices range from $5.00-$35.00.   I also  make custom flowers for card holders and other functions.

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​​                                                             "In Praise of Butterflies"  - A journey of transformation​​                                              By Lyra Star J.​​

The Egg - A poem of unification.

You and I are more alike than you may think. We may have been born into
different circumstances, learned different belief systems, we even inhabit
different bodies with different strengths, but at our core we all need the...
same things. We need air to breathe, food to eat, and water to sustain our
bodies. We need love and companionship. We need something to believe in and
strive for. We all need support and a place we feel we belong. And there's

Imagine, if you dare, pure energy, dimensionless and eternal. Now, picture
this energy passing through a fractal prism, dividing into thousands of color
expressions, like rainbows. These colors spread throughout the darkness,
manifesting physical shape and dimension.

Why? To learn who and what it is.

How come? Simply to be energy, not knowing anything else, was not
enough. This energy needed to experience itself and so it divided into a
multitude of different color energy vibrations, which spread throughout the
darkness, creating galaxies and the universe. Question who you are. Conceive
a way to learn who you are. Manifest the reality to achieve who you are.
Most simply put; thought becomes word becomes action.

We are made up of the same material found all over the universe, but many do not understand the powerful resources of our lineage. Many do not even realize the importance of each individual and the universe as a whole. It is our mother, father and questioner. It shows us how to create and destroy, trying to find the way to individually co-exist. The answers are all around us and in our minds. Societal conditioning has kept this knowledge from us.

Whether or not you believe in re-incarnation and life before this
planet, in the here and now each of you possesses a unique gift to contribute
to a reality of acceptance and global unity. This is evolution. There are no boundaries to love and unity and it is about time that we united to heal our world together.

In order to know who and what we are, we first must learn what we are not.  That is where opposites come into existence.  There is Male and Female, Love and Fear, Young and Old, Light and Dark, and Good and Evil.

Chapter 1:  Memoirs of a Caterpillar,  The Space Between Life and Death

In June of 1992 a friend of my mother invited us to come down and partake in a one week Dowsing Conference.  Prior to this invitation, Judy (my mother) had finally recognized that I had artistic talent.  She enrolled me in several artistic programs.  Since the conference was only going to last a week, she decided that I could miss a week of summer studies.  We drove down to Santa Cruz and stayed at a motel near the college campus where the conference was taking place.  Her friend Hal met us down there and we all went to the conference together.

The First day that I came to the campus, I stood at the top of the hill in awe, gazing upon the grounds.  There was a seven circuit labyrinth next to me which I walked through.


“Seven circuits refers the seven paths that lead to the center or goal. This is an ancient design and is found in most cultures. It is sometimes dated back more than 4000 years.  Also known as the Cretan Labyrinth it is associated with the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. This design was found on Cretan coins.

Labyrinths have most likely always been used in a spiritual manner. They can create a heightened awareness of the human condition and aid psychological and spiritual growth.  To build a labyrinth is to create a sacred space. To walk a labyrinth is to imbue it with power and meaning. The more a labyrinth is used the more powerful it becomes as a symbol of transformation.”

When I walked this labyrinth many times during my stay there, I didn’t know the meaning of it.  I just thought that it was a very neat thing to do.  Little did I know that this, along with the following story, would shape my understanding and mission.
There were clusters of two and three story ivory buildings everywhere.  Some encircled little concrete islands full of plants and trees.  The trees where laden with ripe cherries which also littered the ground.  Facing South West, I looked down upon soft rolling hills of grass, which cascaded toward the boarder of an old forest. On one side of this forest was another cluster of classrooms.

I was thirteen years old and full of imagination.  That is all that I had left of my own at this point anyway.  I made a friend there and we went to play in an old forest on the edges of the campus.  My friend’s name was Cassie but we decided to make up nicknames for each other.  I didn’t like my name at this time because everyone was constantly miss-pronouncing it as liera.  How can you miss-pronounce something that is spelled the same as lyrical with only one letter different at the end?  Even today, I end up correcting more people than I care to.  She chose the name ‘Sly’ and I choose ‘Prancer’.

As Sly and I walk toward the forest we heard giggling nearby.  Some children were playing in the maze painted on the grass.  We waited our turn and then wandered in an ever circling path toward the center.  At the center, we each looked at the path we had just followed and retraced our steps back to the entrance.

A warm breeze blew though my hair, carrying the scent of salt and fish.  Gulls sung overhead, searching for morsels on the grass.   The sun caressed my skin with a gentle glow and light clouds danced across the bright blue sky.  Sly and I began the soft descent toward the forest.

The giggling children scampered toward the cafeteria located on the back right slope of the maze.  The scent of fresh tater tots wafted our way and my stomach growled.  “I’m hungry.  Let’s go eat before we explore the forest.”
Sly and I followed the others to the entrance, picking cherries on our way to the framed entrance.  To the left, a concrete slab was littered with tables and chairs.  People of all ages were intently debating the practice of aura cleansing through group consciousness.

Sly pulled me into the dimly lit cafeteria where we stood in line, waiting our turn.  The counter was lined with transparent shelves full of all sorts of fruit and pastries.  Further down the line, a spirited woman greeted us with a smile.  She scooped a heap of steaming tater tots into some paper bowls and handed each of us one.  “Will that be all for you?”
          “Yes.  Thank you.”  Sly and I chimed together.

          Upon leaving the cafeteria, we wandered out the back side of the eating commons and headed toward the forest.  Upon reaching the entrance, Sly and I looked pensively up at the towering sentinels of trees whose boughs framed a wide path into the forest deep.  The smell of pine overwhelmed our senses as we followed the path toward a cluster of trees.  Pine needles and bark from Red Wood trees covered the ground.  The trees towered overhead, looking down upon us like we were little ants.

          The further in we walked, the more clusters of trees we came upon, which we called fairy circles.  Fairy circles, we had been told, formed when one tree died after leaving seedlings all around its trunk.  Some of these circles were only four feet in diameter, while others spanned four yards.  They were oval and round and shelf mushrooms grew on some of them.

          Something felt wrong here.  There was no sound in the forest and my skin tingled uncomfortably from time to time.  Sly and I wandered around the forest floor for hours, looking for some sign of life.  We eventually came upon a Redwood tree stump who stubbornly survived by growing new branches around it’s center.  We climbed up into the great nest like center, which was filled with needles and dried leafs, and made ourselves comfortable.  Rays of the afternoon sun streamed through, casting thin branch shadows upon Sly’s and my bodies.

          “Why do you think that there are no birds here?  Where could they be?”  Sly peered out of the tree nest to see if there might be some activity now that we were not moving.

          A flock of finches flew down into the grassy clearing by our perch.  So there was life here. We just needed to be quiet in order for the animals to feel safe.  That is what I felt.  There must have been a terrible threat upon the forest created by human destruction.  After Sly and I talked about the feelings of uneasiness we experienced upon entering the forest, we left the tree nest and went back to the entrance.  About three feet from the forest entrance we found two boulder sized rocks.  Twenty feet inside of the forest we began sensing that tingling feeling again.  This is where the forest really started, and yet that is not where the tree line began.

‘Sly’ and I sensed that there were tree fairies and nymphs living in this old forest that had been protecting it from the encroaching civilization.  The only problem was that civilization’s influence was becoming too strong and the shield they kept was slowly being pushed further into the forest. We felt that if we didn’t help reinforce the shield the forest would die and/or be chopped down.  We used a V-rod and pendulum to ascertain exactly how far the shield had digressed into the forest and were shocked to find that it was about thirty feet inside the perimeter. ‘Sly’ and I summoned the tree fairies and nymphs and all of our personal energy and started pushing the field outward.

          “’Prancer’” gasped ‘Sly’, “the energy pushing in is too great for us to push out.”

          “You’re right,” I said.   “We need to get more help.”

We left  the forest and went back to the campus.  There was this older gentleman, whom we had appropriately named ‘Leo’, who we knew would listen to our plea.  When we told him what our problem was, he suggested that we ask for help from the other Dowsers at the evening gathering.

That evening ‘Sly’ and I stood up on the small stage and began telling of our adventure in the forest.  When we came to the part about the danger encroaching on the forest the Dowsers began listening intently, sensing that we were not just playing games. When we told them about civilizations’ intensity being stronger then us and that we needed help, many of the Dowsers volunteered to help us then and there.  The meeting was adjourned and everyone followed ‘Sly’ and me down to the entrance of the forest.  Some took out all sorts of divining devises to diagnose the problem.  Several Dowsers used pendulums to confirm how far in the shield had been pushed in over the years.  When they were certain that what ‘Sly’ and I were saying was true, we all formed a line inside the shield and began pushing civilization outward.  The negative energy resisted at first and so we all grouped into a circle to pray for strength and light.  We, again, began to push out.  The shield moved with ease and, before long, the forest’s protection was back where it should be.  Outside the entrance.  Ten minuets later the shield was around the outside perimeter of the forest and all of the Dowsers confirmed that it was reinforced by our intent.
We all rejoiced and began to walk through the forest to see what our intentions had resulted in.  The song of life resumed through out the forest and a warm glow emanated 

          The story told to me as to why I ended up in the hospital, is that I went out of the apartment we were currently living in, on July 10, and rode my bike down the driveway to a residential street on my way to town.  I did not wear a helmet as this was not considered ‘cool’ at the time.  The way that the apartments were set up is with a ‘in’ drive and an ‘out’ drive behind the apartments.  There was a white van parked on the left side of the ‘in’ drive way which was located on the left side of the building.  Apparently, I went down the up driveway without wearing a helmet and a man was driving down the street at an accelerated rate.  The car collided with my front tire on the passenger’s side and my body was flung onto the wind shield and rolled over to the other side of the street.  The driver stopped a few feet away and jumped out, yelling, “Someone help.  Call 911 quick!”

          About two minutes or so passed before sirens came blaring up the street.  My limp body lay broken on the street.  The paramedics scrambled to revive me and then rushed me to Harborview Hospital.  Judy came home to discover that I was at the hospital and Hal drove her there.  The surgeons were already working on my fractured skull.  I was presently transferred to temporary hospital custody so that they could proceed to save my life.  They were extracting fragments from my skull when Judy arrived.  They then put two Titanium plates and four staples on my skull to keep it together.  They wanted to issue a blood transfusion, but Judy refused.  She took them to the judge and stated her case, “just give her some Iron supplements.  I will not risk her contracting AIDS and she didn’t loose that much blood.”

The judge awarded custody back to her and the hospital kept me in ICU for four or five days.  The second day there, they had to take me back in for surgery to remove brain fluid from my left inner eardrum.  I was then transferred to The Children’s Hospital where I spent the next month and a half recovering.  This is where I regained full consciousness.  Judy was falling apart.  She would come every other day and talk to me about what the doctors had told her about my condition.  “They say that you will be retarded for the rest of your life.  That you may never walk properly again.”

          I didn’t fully understand at first, but when I was continuously being sponge bathed and given a cold bed pan, it soon became clear what my options were.  I could either accept that I was going to be a ‘lame duck’ or work against the odds to become a galloping Unicorn, and it was all with in my hands now.  I preferred to walk on my own two feet, and thus began my resolve.  There was no way that I was going to allow these doctors to decide my fate.

          Recovery was hard at first.  I had a cast half way up my right thigh which made it difficult for me to get out of bed.  I was also supposed to wear a sling.  I did get my own room, right behind the nurse’s station, however, for the first two or so weeks, whenever I had to pee, the nurse would bring a bed pan for me.  I hated that and rebelled.  I started peeing in the bed in the morning.  I knew that I could make it to the room bathroom, if someone would just help me.  But the nurse would rather use a pan.  Judy came one day and told me that I was reverting because I was wetting the bed.  When I told her why, she did fix things and my progress started to take off.

          Judy was frantic and tried to control what I ate while I was there.  She brought me snacks that I could keep in the room.  For breakfast I either ate eggs, toast and fruit, or Grapenuts and goat milk.  My body was thin and wirery, and she endeavored to build my muscles and frame.  I was not allowed to eat sugar or soda unless she brought something from the health food store.  The only meats that I ate were fish and chicken.  And she made sure that my bread was whole wheat.  She actually had a lot of control over what the hospital feed me as well as how they took care of me.  In fact, I believe that after I was discharged they changed their meal plan to include some of the things that she insisted on me eating, or not eating for that matter.

   The doctors had diagnosed my comprehension level to be that of a third grader when I was first admitted.  I had a lot of catching up to do if I wanted to return to school the following year.  There was daily physical therapy, comprehension studies, shape recognition, audio testing, cooking, and, towards the end of my stay, computer learning.  Everyone was amazed at my recovery.  By the end of August I was ready to leave.  There was just one more thing that I had to complete.  That was a discharge test.  They performed cognitive, visual, audio and physical tests on me.  The tests went very well and I proved to have recovered all of my mobility and sensibility.

          One of the tests that the evaluator did was to check my hearing.    I remember this test very well because I use precognition and extrasensory perception to determine the noise.  I am slightly deaf in my left ear, but you would never know it for the test was flawless.  I felt the vibration of her fingers rubbing together right next to my ear.

          When I finally left that hospital I was free.  Or so I thought.  I did still have a cast on my right leg and my hair was only just starting to grow back, but I was going to start 8th grade just like I was supposed to.  I was ready. Or so I thought.

          One thing that was still bothering me was the time that I do not remember while I was in a coma.  I had many questions yet to be answered. Where did I go?  What did I see?  What did I learn?  Why was I still alive?

          Judy told me once that she saw my spirit floating above my body in the intensive care room and that I did regain physical consciousness five days after the accident, but I do not remember this at all.  I began exploring faith and religion and had many conversations with a Jehovah’s Witness son about the afterlife.  The memories started coming back but ever so slowly, as I wrestled with organized religion and GOD.

The following is a partial picture of what I have discovered along the way.  These excerpts are just the beginning of my journey of rememberance.

Chapter 2:          The Reality of Duality

There exists, on this planet, only a few animals which are neither male of female.  For the rest of us, opposites are vital for procreation which, in itself, is evolution.  Many species, including humanity, must have male/female partnerships.  These opposite vibrations, when they come together, create a new life energy.

Love and Fear exist throughout time and space for the specific purpose of the Consciousness finding the way back to the soul.  Think of it this way; when you fear the unknown you tend to run away from it.  The challenge is to face your fear and it will become your strength.  By facing your fears you learn to understand them and Accept them within your heart.  This is Love.

In 3 dimensional reality, there must be light and dark in order to offer physical being.  Space exists between things, in order for them to exist separately.  Darkness is simply the absence of light.  Both color and form are part of the experience because without them there is only Thought.

To be and do good, we follow the path of Love and Compassion.  This is the complete expression of our individual souls through the physical realm of existence as well as the Intent of our spiritual being.  Evil can be best summed up as Consciousness disconnecting completely from the soul to peruse the ego’s agenda of self importance and righteousness.  Your ego would like nothing more than to be in control of the show.

All of these opposites exist in the choices each one of us makes.  We can choose to celebrate and Accept each other through Love and Compassion.  We either spread the words and Actions of peace and unity as our souls yearn for.  Or brandish the weapons forged by our egos and destroy each other and the world.  This will result in the re-construction of the grand design and learning will begin again.
       What does all of this have to do with evolution?  WE recognize each color represents a different aspect of the heart and soul.  Indigo is the color which represents wisdom.  It is also the color of the third eye/inner eye chakra which is the inner sight.  The frequency specific vibration of indigo is wisdom.  Wisdom is gained through the filters of the mind being expanded to encompass more of what is and bringing that learned knowledge to the God consciousness within the frontal lobe. 

      What is Evolution?

An evolved person would then be a person vibrating at the expanded frequency of the knowledge and wisdom of unlimited possibilities.   An evolved person is one whose expanded awareness would enable one to bring this to others.  This person has passed through all of the lower seals of energy and is now ready to be Love.  Having the Wisdom to know that there are better ways to resolve conflict than through war, separation and judgment, are the practical messages we are all here to share with humanity.

Like "The Egg", each of us must nurture our physical and mental bodies in order that we may express our soul’s full potential in this physical experience.  It is ultimately your choice, which path you choose.  If you wish to Create an existence of inner and outer peace and unity through Love and Compassion, then this book is for you.  If you choose the path of your ego, I offer you my blessings and an opportunity to feel the Love I send to you.  There is always the opportunity for you to choose a new path in life, whatever your current predisposition may be.
         You may feel that you don’t belong simply because everyone looks at you differently.  Your parents probably didn’t understand you and tried to take you to a doctor to get you ‘fixed’.  It is hard feeling different, especially when you think that you are normal while everyone else thinks it’s wrong.  It is time for you to understand why you are the way you are and what that means.  We all belong here and need to be in the company of others who are like minded.
            If you have ever looked into the eyes of a dolphin you know that they possess the great Wisdom of Love.  Although the military does sonic wave tests in the Earth’s Oceans, which disrupt and damage ocean animals and habitat, the dolphins express only Love and joy to humans they meet.  There is much pollution and destruction occurring by humanity to these animals and their habitat, and yet they are still Loving and Forgiving.  When my husband and I were in Kuai, Hawaii, in the ocean, the dolphins came right up next to the boat and it was as though they had been waiting for us.
         At dusk, as the sky and ocean turn indigo; when the first stars appear, one can see dolphins dancing playfully.  These graceful, Loving creatures give us hope that even through times of uncertainty, there is something more powerful and great that we can achieve through the Wisdom of Acceptance and Love.

          There is no such thing as a new concept, just new perceptions of what has always been there.  I have compiled information from many sources as well as channeling, and such information has been thoroughly researched before sharing it with you.  As with any information you receive, it is up to you weather you resonate with what is said here or not.  Take what you need and leave the rest for others to Decide for themselves.

          May this book guide those who are evolving through Wisdom that you have the strength to be yourself and stand up for the Love and Unity we all envision is possible, if we just try.   That is what will make us powerful as people of the new Earth.  When anyone is free from the trappings of the ego and has achieved the mastery of emotional stability, one can bring the Wisdom of Love and Unity to light for all receptive people to understand.  It is all a matter of how you perceive the world Now and what you think you can contribute Now to make the future a better place for the people and ultimately, our children.​

We are not alone in the way we Think, feel and Act.  In fact, we are everywhere and we deserve to be able to find others who believe as we do.  We belong here and should have the opportunity to share our experiences and knowledge freely, Without Being Judged, with others.  Through our awareness of co-creation and karmic reverence we have the ability to work together to Unify the world in harmony and peace.
        Well, you have read this much so far, so you must wonder what this is all about, right? I will attempt to explain what I have discovered.

Through the ages there have been evolutionary steps in humanity’s growth.  Some of them have been progressive while others were digressive.  There are people out there who believe that evolution requires a physical change and dominance over one another.  What if the physical body has evolved to its limit in three dimensional reality?  Where would you think that evolution would continue?
A major part of evolution is in the mind, which utilizes the brain to process data.  Scientist theorize that humans only use about 10% of their brain and that there is much to discover inside the mind.  As a race, humanity has basically been experiencing life through the five senses of the physical body.  There is sight, sound, touch, taste, and the concept of time.

But there is more to see than meets the eye.

“Science, for example, reflects the Divine impulse to become conscious of relationships that connect apparently separate aspects of experience.  It is the pinnacle achievement of the five-sensory personality, yet when the fruits of science are grasped only with the logic and understanding of the five-sensory human, internal dynamics—feelings and intentions—appear to be unrelated to the world of matter.  Neither supernovas nor subatomic decay rates nor anything in between appear to be affected by what human beings feel or think.

When the discoveries of science are comprehended with the logic and understanding of the multisensory human, intimate relationships appear between internal dynamics and regularities that govern physical phenomena.  To the multisensory human, for example, ‘A body in uniform motion will remain in uniform motion until it is acted upon by a force,’ reflects not only a dynamic at work within the realm of time and space and matter, but also a deeper dynamic that works within nonphysical reality as well.”  “The Seat Of The Soul” by Gary Zukav, p.62.

As we start looking through the senses outside the physical body there is much to discover and open to our consciousness.   When we are able to feel another’s pain, we are sensing with our mind.  It is not always easy to empathize without taking on other people’s pain.  When we open up to the understanding that there are other entities residing on other plains of existence along side our own, we are opening up to a multi-dimensional reality.  When we sense energy emanating from another individual, an aura, and see that there is something wrong with a person, we are attuned to the reality of energetics which effect each person.  When we see light coming from a person’s hands or another part of the body, we say that they are healers and Light Bearers.

As a multi-sensory person, you will see the world and want to help others, even if it is at the cost of your own life.  The Indigo perception of life is one of trying to create a better reality which does not prohibit individual thinking, but transforms hate into Love and greed into Compassion.  This book assists all of you who have become multi-sensory and are experiencing difficulty with your new born gifts of perception.  The key, here, is to Create a Reality where there is no need to sacrifice an individual for the sake of the whole.

Scientists have spent decades studying, mapping, and dissecting human DNA to find out how we function.  What they have discovered is that humans contain a spinning double helix DNA structure.  Some have even expressed the notion that there is a third DNA strand which is straight, light that the double helix spins around.  This is similar to the planets spinning around the sun of our Solar System.  Could it be that we are microcosmic representations of the macrocosm of space?  Could it be that when we express life through the multi-sensory perception that we are activating this third aspect of our DNA and thus using much more of our brain than ever before?  Could this be the type of evolution that Indigos are the beginning phase of?  Are you a Pioneer of this new perception?  If you think you are then this is the book for you.

“The perception of the multisensory personality is not segmented.  The multisensory human, for example, sees that the paradigms which form the history of science also reveal a history of the way that our species has seen itself in relation to the Universe:  Ptolemaic astronomy reflects a species that sees itself as the center of the Universe; Copernican astronomy reflects a more sophisticated and interdependent perspective of a species that recognizes itself as part of the motion of the Universe; Newtonian physics reflects a species that is confident in its ability to grasp the dynamics of the physical world through the intellect; relativity reflects a species that understands the limiting relationship between the absolute and personalized perceptions of it; and quantum physics reflects a species that is becoming aware of the relationship of its consciousness to the physical world.”  “The Seat Of The Soul” by Gary Zukav, p.67.

This new age of humanity is also know as the “Age of Aquarius”.  Please don’t turn your perception off if this label seems a little hokey.  It’s not at all like that.  We have lived as a civilization, in Laymen’s terms, where the power and control has been in the hands of the elite and wealthy, who have kept the masses in subservient, slave like mentality by controlling the education and information that is distributed thru out the world.  This is now slowly changing as the populations of continents have no other option but to enter the global scene.  The advent of the television and internet have played a large role in this transformation, however there are still many people who will only look at a small portion of the truth and allow those in power to do most of the thinking for them.  There are many others who are in a environment which does not contain
the resources that we do.  That is to say, that the Truth is out there but the masses are still stuck in the old way of thinking.  When the soul/spirit is able to express the totality of Truth of Love through the physical body, then the whole of the mind is utilized through this physical experience.

Chapter 3:  The Age of Aquarius

What is it about this period of time, many term the “Age of Aquarius”, that will be different? 

Well, this is the time, many consider, for the Truth to spread throughout the world and freedom to be the right of every human on this planet.  We have the knowledge and opportunity to spread the Truth and Wisdom of this freedom, throughout the world so that the people are offered the opportunity to acknowledge that there is more to life than just ‘survival of the fittest’.  All of the old beliefs, that the only way to survive is through personal gain and self-righteousness at the cost of human life, must be discarded.  In order to get there you must understand and master your new sense of self first.

Throughout the ages there have been many profits of many different faiths and beliefs who have told of the coming of the fifth or sixth age of humanity, and that with this will be great planetary upheavals.  The beliefs differ slightly, however the message is the same.  This new age of evolution will be marked with great global shift as well as loss of life.  Those who survive need to have the knowledge that Love and Unity are the way to live and to come together in order to create a great new reality of Compassion, Acceptance, and equality.  That is, if we are given the opportunity to learn and teach this lesson to those who will be left.  The following are a few known prophesies which herald the coming of the Indigo consciousness, although they do not specifically mention it.

Edgar Cayce, also know as the Sleeping Profit, stated that:  "... for changes are coming, this may be sure -- an evolution or revolution in the ideas of religious thought. The basis of it for the world will eventually come out of Russia. Not communism, no! But rather that which is the basis of the same as the Christ taught -- his kind of communism."  “And these will begin in those periods in ’58 to ’98, when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen again in the clouds.  As to times, as to seasons, as to places, alone is it given to those who have named the name-and who bear the mark of those of His calling and His election in their bodies.  To them it shall be given.”  3976-15, January 19, 1934.

Another prophesy comes from the Toltec beliefs.  The history of the Toltec Shamans of Central and South America, it was documented that the Third Age of humanity was one of great spiritual accomplishment.  Their history, as channeled by Don Miguel Ruiz, of the third age of humanity was one of peace and free communication telepathically.  There was this energy that took the guise of gods for each continent and they fed on the negative energy that used to prevail there.  When the people realized that these gods were false they were united and peaceful.  These energies devised contention among the different continents in order to feed on the negative impulses and helped these people degrade to a level of near complete destruction. 

Those who where left gathered all of their wisdom in a few key places around the world and infused that knowledge in the rock monuments that still stand today.  One is in Mexico in Teotiajhuaka.  It is the two headed serpent that you walk through and are reborn with new knowledge.  The surviving Toltic priests prayed to the sun to alter the DNA of the fourth age of humanity, which was pseudo-human, which created the fifth age of humanity.  He also states that the sixth age of humanity is now being born into existence to bring all of humanity back to what it was in the third age. The Toltics also believe that life is all a dream and we have dreams during sleep to keep the illusion of reality. 

Then there is the Hopi prophecy.  "The Emergence to the future Fifth World has begun. It is being made by the humble people of little nations, tribes, and racial minorities. 'You can read this in the earth itself. Plant forms from previous worlds are beginning to spring up as seeds. This could start a new study of botany if people were wise enough to read them. The same kinds of seeds are being planted in the sky as stars. The same kinds of seeds are being planted in our hearts. All these are the same, depending how you look at them. That is what makes the Emergence to the next, Fifth World.' ‘Book of The Hopi’ By: Frank Waters, Source Material by: Oswald White Bear Fredericks-Copyright 1963, by Frank Waters, SBN 345-01717-X-125, Library of Congress Catalog No. 63-19606, Published by: Ballantine Books, Inc., 101 Fifth Ave, New York, N.Y. 10003 Paperback Edition: Page 408, Website  By:  Mobius Rex, Copyright 1987, Rex Research.

         TO BE CONTINUED................



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